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Martian Misfit's is an exclusive collection of 555 uniquely created NFT collectibles of the notorious Martian population, also known as the party kings of the universe.

First Drop


Launch on November 5th


20 Misfits will be send out as a physical framed print. Early collectos get one guaranteed. Also 10 Misfit NFTs will be airdropped to random collectors


Spending 5x $500 to several charities. The community can vote where the money will go. + 3x 1ETH Giveaway

Facts about
martians misfit's


Martian Misfits is an exclusive collection of 555 unique ERC-721 NFT's. Issued on a smart contract on the Ethereum Blockchain. There will be only this original collection.


We all know that we are somehow special and sometimes misfitted. The Martians too. Algorithmically generated from over 200 unique hand drawn assets. Coming with all kind of accessoires, clothing, eyes, hairstyles and alot more.


We love and take care about all Misfits! The misfitted community will profit through random money airdrops from the secondary sales.


Fair launch, fair price: 0.055 ETH for every Martian Misfit.

Mission control

Marketing Marvin
Development Max
Design Luca


What is Martian Misfit's?

A limited Non-Fungible ERC-721 Token collection of 555 exclusive Martian Misfit's. Handdrawn art pieces minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

How do I purchase a Misfit?

You can purchase your own misfitted Martian on this website through the initial sale. 555 will be available through a pre-sale for supporting community members. At the moment of adoption, a random misfitted Martian will be minted to you on the blockchain, and transferred to your wallet and OpenSea account.

When does the sale start?

5th November at 00:00 PT.

How much does a Martian Misfit cost?

One Martian Misfit can be purchased by the price of 0.055ETH.

Why are there not 10.000 Martian Misfit's?

The Metaverse is oversaturated with all kinds of disgusting creatures already.

So what does it need to buy one?

You need to install the "Metamask" extension for Google Chrome. Once installed, get your Ethereum currency (ETH) on an exchange like Binance, Coinbase or PayPal. Send some to your Public Wallet Address and you are almost there. Now you just have to connect your Metamask to the Martian Misfits website by clicking the icon in the top-right of the browser. Hit the Mint button, approve the transaction and proudly claim to have a new martian friend.

I just adopted a Martian, when can I see him?

Don't panic! At the day of arrival, the metadata will be revealed and your personal Martian Misfits will become visible.

Are there rare Martian Misfit's?

In principle, all of them are rare. But yes, there are some Martians that have super rare properties. Some already wear human designer clothes, some of them simply were awake for 3 days. Maybe it looks a bit cooler, but in the end it's just a disturbed misfit.